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I Think of You

Words & Music by Brenda Layne

2 years and counting since last I held you

I think of you

Morning and evening and deep in my dreams

I think of you

As I am riding the earth ‘round the sun

Seasons are changing, but never my love

Though you’re lost like the whistle of a long passed by train

I think of you


I went to Paris to dream by the Siene

I thought of you

Bathed in the Ganges to wash you away

I still think of you

Every wise proverb says all things will change

I keep on waiting, but my heart remains

Longing, and broken, and hopelessly true

I think of you


When I am lying in another man’s arms…

When I am writing or singing a song…

When I am dying and death stills my heart…

I’ll think of you



© Brenda Layne Osuna