Musical Artist Brenda Layne with Custom Folkcraft Double Fretboard Dulcimer

Check out these independent music, film, stage, and other artists recommended by Brenda Layne.


Ordinary Magic – Brenda Layne is a proud member of this psychedelic world/rock fusion band based in Honolulu, Hawaii. She sings, writes, and plays guitar and synth for Ordinary Magic live and in the studio.

Tommy Osuna – virtuoso guitarist, producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Tommy and Brenda Layne have been married since 2000 and they play together in Ordinary Magic.

Marionette Taboniar – Kauai fine artist who painted the cover for Ordinary Magic’s single “The Navigator”.

Brian Von Ahsen – folk/rock singer-songwriter and writer with a voice and satirical wit as big as a house. Brian is also a vocalist with Ordinary Magic.

Paul Izak– inspirational singer-songwriter. His songs are brimming with positivity and good vibes!

Saloon Pilots – kick-ass bluegrass band! Fiddler Lesley Kline of Ordinary Magic also plays with the Saloon Pilots. If you’re in Honolulu, go see them – you’ll have a great night out!

Tavana – amazing vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Again, when you’re in Honolulu don’t miss seeing him live!



Beth Cocuzzi – pinup style photography artist who shot portraits of Brenda Layne for the “Torch” album cover.

Gail Rush – Boston rock photographer whose portraits of Brenda Layne are also featured on this website.

Danny O’Connor – simply an amazing photographer! Brenda Layne is proud to share the portraits Danny has been kind enough to create for her – visit his site to see more of his incredible work!

Bennett B – award-winning jazz guitarist and composer, co-producer and arranger of “Torch”, among his many accomplishments: Bennett is a Billboard top 20 artist and 5 time ASCAP award winner.

Louis Durra – jazz pianist and composer. Louis is a fine musician in every sense of the word – his playing is absolutely elegant!

Steve Billman – Grammy award winning bass player and dedicated educator.

Linling Hsu – expressive, eclectic and soulful violinist and teacher.

Joseph Culp – actor, producer, director, screenwriter. Joseph is intense and intelligent, yet simultaneously funny, quirky, and playful. Absolutely top-notch at every aspect of his craft.

Jason Culp – actor, narrator, vocalist and author – deep thinking, witty, and delightfully unpretentious.


Robbie’s Psyart – Robbie is a psychedelic artist extraordinaire! Ordinary Magic’s debut album cover art showcases his incredible painting “Little Pieces of Infinity”. Robbie is quite a prolific artist – visit his website and enjoy the trip!

Oliver Wakeman – An award-winning and world renowned pianist, keyboard player and composer, Oliver is perhaps best-known for his work with Yes. Brenda Layne is a fan of Oliver’s solo work and he was kind enough to gift Ordinary Magic with a recorded solo for their debut album.