Lyric Page Pin Up Pic of Singer-Songwriter Brenda Layne

Good Today

Words & Music by Brenda Layne

Words like warriors dared are leapin’ from our mouths

Crack security forces rally round our hearts

And all we’re really tryin’ to say, “This feels so good today”

And we tough veterans know that’s how the trouble starts

Why not stop this affair before it can start to hurt

Well, hey, it feels so good today


I already see our hearts wide open

We want to close them in time

But every time the doors start closin’

We kick them open

Just one look, one touch, maybe if it hurts I won’t mind

Hey, we’re both passionate people in every way

We can’t hope to control things completely anyway

What the… hey? It feels so good today


I really gotta shout for a minute

I like this! Please don’t run away!

I gotta surf this feeling out

You’ve got me cresting a wave


Still I’m not fallin’ in love unless you do too

Though I’ll admit I could easily go that way if you wanted to

What else could I say?

When it feels so good today

Who wouldn’t want to stay?

When it feels so good today

Hey, hey, hey, it feels so good today



© Brenda Layne Osuna