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Fucked Up About Love

Words & Music by Brenda Layne

Bad boy, here you come

Waving every red flag known

I might have been more a fool for you

Twenty-four lovers ago

Still in spite of all I know

I don’t resist your kiss as you’re lickin’ my soul

Lick my soul

Alright I wanna play with you

Play until the trouble starts

Hardball until it hits my head

You’ve gotten into my heart

and I lose all control

Falling down like Alice way down deep into the hole

Look in my hole

I’m flailin’ like a wild woman

out of my mind

and that’s the me you’ve known

I’ve got a stable side but it’s hidden out of sight

Cause baby I’m just so fucked up about love

I’m fucked up about love


Poison’s my pleasure dear

and you look like the venomous kind

Heartless and never there

Only in it for the ride

Still I spread my soul

and I don’t complain about the pain as you’re eatin’ me whole

Eat me whole

After all the men and the trouble I’ve been in you’d think that I would learn

I wanna make it work when I outta hit the dirt

Cause baby I’m just so fucked up about love

I’m fucked up about love


I still believe in a perfect day

Some stable sailor will cruise my way

I’ll have the power to stay quite sane

As we ride away on a sea of change


Yeah, right, I might as well accept it and be willing to admit it

Hey I’m fucked up about love

Chemistry is misery

I’m the proof just look at me

I’m fucked up on love

Off to the psychiatrist every time that I get kissed

Fucked up about love

You say that you’re in love with me

Now I know you’re just like me

You’re fucked up about

I’m fucked up about

It seems to me we’re all fucked up about love

Fucked up about love



© Brenda Layne Osuna