Lyric Page Pin Up Pic of Singer-Songwriter Brenda Layne


Words & Music by Brenda Layne

Leaving California by starlight

Crossing Arizona tonight

I’ve gotta read and follow every sign

Focus my wild bucking mind

Escaping over state lines

Leaving many ghosts behind

America speaks to me



Good food, ranch kitchen

Watch for ice

Stop for souvenirs of gone lives

Cliff homes, rock formations

Exit right

Old route 66 signs

There’s an old hobo walking the ties

Through the snowy desert night

America speaks to me



All America suffering and lost struggles hard to hide the pain and never face it

The throat-choked sound of my lonely heart whines

As I pierce the night


Kerouac’s ghost is eating apple pie in Memphis with Elvis tonight

Can’t seem to ever leave the past behind no matter how fast I might drive

But they play Dylan in every town, it’s comforting to hear that sound

America speaks to me


America speaks to me




© Brenda Layne Osuna